The first 1,000 days (from conception to age two) are believed to be the most significant period in a childs development.

During this fast development  time, a childs organs and body systems  are highly responsive  to nutritional (including probiotics ) influence . Therefore, this period offers us a unique  window to  shape a long-term health.

First 1000 days is a period babies should  undergo  the proper development of  a diversified gut  microbiota which in turn is fundamental for the formation of a healthy immune system,  protection  against harmful bacteria and reduction of risk disease (with our special emphasis on alerrgies development).


From birth, microbes in the gut perform essential duties:

The digestion and metabolism of food

The production of neurotransmitters that affect behaviour and cognitive function.   3.The gut microbiota exerts influence over anxiety, mood, sociability and cognition

The development and activation of the immune system. The gut is the centre of the immune system 70-80% of the body’s immune cells are present  in the gut - they help to prevent the development of so called Atopic March which includes atopic dermatitis,food allergy, allergic rhinitis and asthma.


Unfortunately with every generation our babies are having weaker and less differentiated  microbiota.This happens mostly due to:

1.Medicaments (antibiotics,steroids)

2.Cesarean section (babies get their first microbiome from their mothers during birth)

3.Bottle feeding ( breast milk is the most beneficial in healthy bacteria and should  com  directly from mother breast - not even when the same milk is pumped and delivered later in a bottle)

4.Stress for mother/baby (babies sense when moms are stressed out)

5.Processed food


7.Overprotective/overstyrelised environment


Since often we do not have full control over those factors mentioned above we still can help our babies by including healthy probiotics as early as possible.

Even the  World Allergy Organisation (WAO) favors probiotic supplementation in pregnant/lactating women and in infants especially with a family history of allergic disease



What makes Synergy Care  pioneer  clinical probiotics great choice for babies :


1.Patented  Allergen Free technology.


2. Form easy to serve ( soluble powder)  with maximum effectivness (patented micro encapsulation).


3.NO known  side effects in clinical studies.


4.Our clinical studies  are also made on babies/kids (like for Atopic dermatitis and soon to be finished  for Asthma).


5.Good response from Hong Kong paediatricians/dermatologists/ gastroenterologists and approval in Hong Kong hospitals.

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The first 1000 days and importance of probiotics