Company Profile

Company Profile


Synergy Care Limited (“Synergy Care”) is a health care company established by Hong Kong and European medical doctors, scientists and other professionals in 2018 in Hong Kong. Synergy Care specializes in the provision of innovative medication, premium functional foods and products with natural ingredients that could help re-balance in our gut-brain/gut-skin axis.


All our products are manufactured with strict quality standards and have been verified by reputable clinical studies in Europe for their high potency and efficacy.



Our Mission


We strive to provide innovative synergetic care to patients and to improve people's quality of life by prioritizing every individual patient's health and needs. 



Our Commitment


To be a partner to both patients and their doctors by listening to their individual needs. We commit to taking all suggestions seriously and to implement individuals' needs to constantly improve our care and treatment.



Our Brand


Newdirran ® probiotics are manufactured by Italian Probiotical S.p.A (“Probiotical”). Founded in 1985 in Novara, Italy. Probiotical has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. It is one of the top five probiotics’ manufacturers in the world. Probiotical has full competence and qualifications for producing active pharmaceutical ingredients and has the most advanced R&D setup, including the 1,200 square meters of laboratory designated to probiotics research and production. Presently, it owns more than 80 patents related to probiotic products.