Newdirran® Probiotic Product Features:

1. Imported from Italy: Newdirran® probiotics, select high quality strains which are  originated and imported from Italy.

2. National patented strains: the strains of Newdirran® probiotics are developed by the original factory and has obtained national patent certification, patented strains and core advantages.

3. Multi-microencapsulate technology: Newdirran® probiotics, deployed high-tech patented technology of embedding live bacteria in microcapsules to  i) improve the number of live bacteria of probiotics reaching the intestinal tract through gastric juice and bile; ii) improve the colonization rate of live bacteria and iii) make them play a better role.

4. Clinical reports and scientifically proven: Newdirran® probiotics have the authoritative clinical medical research reports, ensuring the high potency, efficacy and confidence of probiotics to patients and their doctors.