Where are Newdirran probiotics products made?

All Newdirran probiotics products are made by Italian Probiotical S.p.A, all products are imported from Italy , used Multi-microencapsulate technology, has the authoriative clinical medical research reports.

When shall  I use Newdirran probiotics products?

To be better absorb your stomach, it is recommended to use it before your breakfast.

How shall I store Newdirran probiotics products?

Keep in a cool (not exceeding 25℃), dry place and away from direct light; Please do not use if the small bag is broken.

How should Newdirran probiotics be taken with antibiotics?

During antibiotics treatment, Newdirran probiotics should be taken after two hours apart.

Can I mix Newdirran probiotics with boiled water?
Probiotics should be kept away from heat, so it is recommended to use 37℃ warm boiled water to prepare it.